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Blood Building Superfood | Ionic Minerals | Bladderwrack Bio-Jelly

Bladderwrack seaweed has all possible minerals. The balance of minerals in bladderwrack is very close to the balance of minerals in a human body. The amount and proportions of minerals in the blood are almost identical to those of bladderwrack.

Our bladderwrack product is called Bio-Jelly because we preserve the raw state of the bladderwrack seaweed. Our revolutionary technology processes the tough fucus seaweed into a smooth gel, disintegrating the tough fibers completely, opening membranes and the cellular content, and making the nutrients fully available for assimilation.

These facts make Purple Sprout’s Bladderwrack Bio-Jelly the perfect blood building material. It also helps to build other tissues as they are made of blood, like the muscle and the fat tissue. The Bladderwrack Bio-Jelly is, in essence, at the base of blood and tissue formation, helping to build and re-build health.

Find more useful information on how to be healthy naturally on our YouTube Channel.

Learn more about and order Bladderwrack Bio-Jelly on our website.

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