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Video Testimonials

We LOVE the fucus. We take it a couple of times daily. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Love the taste and the effect – more energy for sure. Also, 4 weeks into taking it, we feel balanced and satisfied. Thank you very


Hugo Navas

Winnetka, IL

Our whole family takes it – me, my husband, our two kids. We first took it 2-3 times a day but then switched to taking all 3 tablespoons once in the morning on an empty stomach after our usual cup of warm water with lemon juice. This seems to work so much better for me as I do not have to remember to take it and give it to my family throughout the day, plus we feel that taken first thing in the morning it gets absorbed nicely and jump-starts digestion for the day. I started feeling the benefits about 4 weeks into taking the jelly. The energy level is great, fewer headaches, stronger nails, less cramping, less bloating. I even use the jelly as a face mask with great results. And our kids don’t mind taking the Detox, Gastro, and Complex (especially).

Irena Kulchytska

Wheeling, IL

Thank you for the fucus! I just
LOOOOVE it. It’s like food for me, so
tasty, have tried Detox and Gastro so far. Every day can’t wait to have it 😊 I now have a little more energy, feel lightness in the body, all bloating is completely gone after 3 weeks of taking it.

Darya Maltseva

Schaumburg, IL

More energy, less fatigue, can handle long work days. Have more desire to go places with the family. I feel like I am steadily detoxing ever since I started taking fucus jelly 6 months ago. I have been doing yoga pretty much daily for about two months now which I had never done in my life.

Keiji Acharya

Gainesville, FL

Expert Reviews

I am very familiar with the health-promoting benefits of seaweed and its components used for human consumption due to my education and profession. Brown algae contains record amounts of macro and microelements, dietary fiber (polysaccharides) and iodine that are essential for people.


Fucus contains substances called fucoidans – unique carbohydrate polymers whose medicinal healing
properties have been discussed in and confirmed by many scientific articles.


Land plants do not contain fucoidans, alginates, or iodine, therefore consumption of brown algae, fucus
specifically, is considered functional nutrition.


You cannot make a salad out of fucus, as it has too much cellulose. However, there is technology that can
make any seaweed edible and absorbable.


This technology allows to turn fucus into jelly – colloidal form or molecular nutrition – that preserves all
beneficial native components in their live unchanged form, while the different additional ingredients add
taste and nutritional richness and effectiveness.


My family and I have been taking the fucus jelly regularly for many years. This has helped us to solve some challenges such as reduce appetite, improve the condition of skin and hair, improve overall vitality.

I recommend you to try it – regular consumption of the fucus jelly is a great way to improve the quality of your


Anatoliy Miroshnikov

Academician, The Russian Academy of Sciences

The seaweed that the jelly is made of contains many minerals. Iodine is one of the most important elements
for us as our region has a deficit of it.

Consistent adequate consumption of iodine is vital. Iodine helps with the production of thyroid hormones that
are essential for the development and functioning of a human body.

I have been personally using this product internally and externally, and I can tell that it is made using
high-quality technology which can be gauged from the product’s homogenous consistency, uniformity, neutral taste, smell and the quality of the packaging. It is easy to use as it does not entail any specific constraints and
can be taken before or after a meal, any time, etc.

Sea plants have been used as beauty products for centuries, and recently they have gained a lot of attention
and appreciation. Based on my own experience using the jelly topically, I have seen improvements, especially during the cold part of the year when my skin gets dry and irritated. The fucus jelly can easily be applied to
the skin due to its jelly-like consistency and washes off nicely as well.

The fact that I can use the fucus jelly both internally and externally is a big advantage.

Didzis Gavars

Doctor, former Minister for Health of Latvia

Analysis of the nutrition of the population of Russia shows overconsumption of saturated fats of animal origin, simple carbohydrates, and salt; on the other hand, a deficit of dietary fiber, macro and micro elements, essential for good health. 70-90% of population has a deficit of vitamins C and D. 55-60% are low in fat-soluble vitamins – antioxidants – E, A and beta carotene. More than a third of the population lacks in the B-group vitamins and folic acid. The modern-day diet has a detrimental effect on the human organism – reduces its resistance to negative environmental factors, psycho-emotional stresses, etc., therefore the body’s ability to adapt adequately forming the propensity for chronic non-infectious alimentation-based diseases: atherosclerosis, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, metabolic immunodepression, alimentary obesity, autoimmune pathology, oncological disease and others. As a result, 60% of our population are under conditions of reduced adaptation, with 10% having risk factors of non-infectious diseases (pre-disease), 25-27% being sick, and only 3-5% being relatively healthy.


It is very difficult to solve the problem of nutritional insufficiency via standard diets as it has been proven that the person would get no more than 60% of the benefits from any given foods. Additionally, it is difficult to form a balanced diet from standard foods to include vitamins, microelements, minerals, omega-3, bioflavonoids, and other essential micronutrients.

In our times of a consistently declining supply of nutrients, when natural replenishment is virtually impossible, the use of functional specialized products and supplements – nutraceuticals and pharmaconutrients – has a significant importance as part of treatment, rehabilitation and prophylactic programs.


The inclusion of functional nutrition and dietary supplements in specialized therapeutic diets to optimize them is justified, as they have a balanced content of essential macro and micronutrients, have a high rate of absorption by the body, while not being enzymatically and energetically taxing.

The following are the criteria for determining which metabolic substances can be included in rehabilitation and prophylactic programs:

  • The metabolic substance (nutrient) should have an overall systemic effect on the physiology, that is have detoxifying and regulating properties

  • Should be safe for consumption

  • Should help achieve and sustain positive therapeutic effects while weaning and fully stopping synthetic pharmacological substances

  • Enhance therapeutic effect of nonmedicinal treatments (physical therapy, balneotherapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, etc.) when used concurrently

Functional seaweed products meet all of the above criteria as they contain all the substances necessary for normal functioning of the body. Seaweeds have been used in medicine for centuries, they are part of many medicines and dietary supplements. Fucus family seaweeds are attracting a lot of attention recently due to their unique biochemical content. Fucus boasts a multitude of bioactive substances in an easily absorbable form: alginates, fucoidans, polyunsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, dietary fiber, vitamins, macro- and micro-elements, etc. Thus, the mineral content of White Sea fucus is 43% which is significantly higher than most of the vegetables. For example, potato has 10.4%, carrots and tomatoes – 7.1%. This unique high content of bioactive compounds in fucus is responsible for its multifunctional effect on the body’s systems and organs including:

  • Antiseptic and immunomodulatory action

  • Alginates contained in the seaweed possess antibacterial properties, regulate the digestive process, expand in the stomach promoting the feeling of satiety and weight release process, sorb ions of toxic metals and pathological resulting products of metabolism, and expel them from the body

  • Has anticoagulant/blood thinning properties and prevents formation of blood clots

  • Lowers blood cholesterol and the risk of atherosclerosis

  • Regulates thyroid function due to high iodine presence in its organic accessible form

  • Improves the activity of the musculoskeletal system

The innovative method of processing seaweed into jelly is based on creating a physical impact that opens up the cells and transforms molecules into amorphous form. This method allows to keep molecules unchanged. The jelly does not get overheated and no chemicals are used in the process. Jerusalem artichoke juice is used as a natural sweetener, while berries and other ingredients help to enhance the therapeutic properties and the taste. This product has maximally preserved and bio-available nutrients, in the jelly form, therefore they are easily assimilated by the body and have proven healing and prophylactic properties.

The following healing regimen is recommended using the fucus bio-jelly:

  1. Plan 1 – Universal
    Detox bio-jelly can be used as part of the diet for people with various nosologies and risk factors for chronic non-infectious diseases. It can also be used for healthy patients as an adsorbent to neutralize and draw out endogenous pathogenic metabolites (lipid peroxidation products, bacterial toxins, cholesterol esters, etc.) on the one hand, and on the other hand to replenish deficient vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids, prebiotics, aiding in regulating metabolism, normalizing the intestinal flora and boosting the immunity.
    1 Tbsp 15-20 minutes before meal (breakfast and lunch or dinner), twice a day. Take with a cup of liquid such as tea (no sugar), juice, rosehip decoction, filtered water, etc. Course of use: 4 weeks.

  2. Plan 2 – Digestive
    Gastro bio-jelly is used for people with various diseases of the digestive system during the remission stage of the pathological process.
    1 Tbsp 15-20 minutes before meal (breakfast and lunch or dinner), twice a day. Take with a cup of liquid such as tea (no sugar), juice, rosehip decoction, filtered water, etc. Course of use: 4 weeks.
    Note: this is the second phase of program. The first phase is the use of the Detox jelly for a period of 1 month.

  3. Plan 3 – Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic Disorders
    Complex bio-jelly is used for people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc.)
    1 Tbsp 30 minutes before meal twice a day, before lunch and dinner. Always take with a cup of liquid such as tea (no sugar), juice, rosehip decoction, filtered water, etc. The goal is to create a sense of fullness and reduce the amount of food taken following the ingestion of the jelly. Course of use: 4 weeks. Note: this is the second phase of program. The first phase is the use of the Detox jelly for a period of 1 month.


V. N. Sergeev

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chief Researcher, Somatic Rehabilitation and Active Longevity Department, Federal “National Medical Research Center for Rehabilitation, Balneology and Resortology”, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Testimonials From Around The World

For the past few months, I have been working with Karim to help with some “mystery” health issues that 3 conventional doctors could not explain (extreme fatigue, brain fog, body/face rashes, aches, etc). He has helped my body rid these symptoms and improve my quality of life significantly. I am so grateful for having worked with Karim and having my energy back most of all. Right now, I am still implementing many lifestyle/dietary changes that Karim recommended, and am taking their Fucus Biojelly (Detox flavor) as maintenance. I notice a wonderful calm, clear mind when I take this, in addition to just feeling “cleaner” internally. I have also noticed, after about 3 months of working with Karim, that my hair has been growing thicker – not sure if it’s the lifestyle/diet change, the jelly, or a combination of all! Highly recommend the Purple Sprout for your diet and lifestyle needs. Karim and Irina have helped me so much, that I recommend them to all of my friends. Oh, and their raw cheesecakes are incredible!!


Do S.


I am an biologist from Finland and I have had Crohn´s disease for over 30 years. The illness have at times been severe and it was not uncommon for me to spend some weeks in hospital each year. Intravenous antibiotics and cortisone was needed to get me back on my feet. While modern medicine helped me during serious attacks it did not offer any cure or long time relief. I have tried many alternatives and a few things have been very helpful. I have discovered that cow’s milk triggers the illness; this was difficult to notice as the symptoms came a few days after I had milk or milk products. Interestingly I can use goat’s milk without problems. Even small amounts of alcohol has a detrimental effect. Large doses of vitamin D (5.000 – 10.000 IU per day) makes the symptoms less severe. Bio Jelly has been very beneficial for me. It has given me more energy and a sense of wellbeing. My digestion has felt very calm and the symptoms of Crohn´s have subsided. This new feeling of wellness have at times made me overindulge with chocolate which again have brought on some symptoms. If I am a bit careful and continue with Bio Jelly I think that I can be symptom-free, which is something I am extremely grateful for.


Henrik Nyberg

Biologist, 🇫🇮Finland, 65 y.o.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 16 years ago when I was 60 and have suffered from frequent attacks. I have had several short courses of steroids and now take 100mg of Azathioprine per day. I also take mezavant 4 x 1200 mg per day and use a suppository of 500 mg at night. All this only helped to a degree and I often felt unwell. I started taking Bio Jelly last May 2014 not really expecting it to work. There was no improvement for 3 months and then during the fourth month I started to feel much better. I have had virtually no symptoms since last August. I shall continue to take Fucus Jelly alongside my prescribed medication and will hope to leave off some of the medication in stages. My grateful thanks for introducing me to such an amazing product. I have already recommend Fucus Jelly to two people suffering with Ulcerative colitis.


Angela R.

🇬🇧UK, 76 y.o.

I have had two colon cancer operations, one 10 years ago and another 4 years ago. I am now declared cancer free, but I had some discomfort after the operations. Often I had diarrhea and after meals very often uncomfortable flatulence and bloated stomach. I also had hunger pains at night quite often, and needed to have something to eat. Actually I had hunger pains also at day time, which was a nuisance altogether. After some months of Fucus Jelly (a big spoonful morning and before bedtime), all these symptoms have disappeared. Another thing is that I had contact eczema on my earlobes from earrings. The dermatologist tried several crèmes, which helped for a while, but when I stopped, the eczema came back. I thought it would be there forever, but after having the Jelly for some months, the eczema disappeared slowly but surely. I do not know if I can thank the Jelly for this, but I do believe it is so. I am very happy to write to you, because I do believe that the Jelly has done me a lot of good, and I would not like to be without my daily two spoonful!




I have had a stressful year, with the death of my gran, divorce, moving house and other events – So it’s no wonder I have been exhausted and got every single cold that was going round. I started taking Fucus Jelly two weeks ago, my skin is better and I am feeling so much more energetic this week that I started jogging in the evenings again. I will definitely keep taking it through the flu season!


Nan Sh.


For almost all my life I have suffered from digestion problems including constipation. I have tried various diets and supplements but noticed no improvements. I had an opportunity to try this product and it I can honestly say that it has worked very effectively. It helped in regulating my digestion, I also don’t suffer from constipation anymore.


Gunita A.


Excellent product !!! I started to take Bladderwrack Bio Jelly to clean my stomach and intestine. From the first day I noticed the positive effects: I have been suffering from acne for a long time. After two weeks of taking Bio Jelly my acne has begun to disappear. Now even my husband takes the Jelly after he had realized the outstanding properties of it. I’d definitely recommend this product to everyone. P.S. Nice taste of apricots.


Olga Sh.


I have suffered from stomach bloating and what doctors call IBS when they are unable to diagnose anything specific. Fucus Jelly has made a huge difference because I can really just get on with life without worrying about feelings of discomfort anymore. The product is pleasant to taste, completely natural and I highly recommend it.


Paul W.


I have never been a food supplement enthusiast but Fucus Jelly is turning me into one. At my stage in life you start noticing that your body has certain organs. Unlike when you are young, when you don’t even know where the heart is. After consuming a few jars of Bio Jelly I think I can honestly admit that I don’t think of any digestive system organs any more as there is no reason for it. I never had major digestive system problems but minor ones were definitely there, especially after a self indulgent nights with plenty of alcohol. Two spoonfuls of Fucus Jelly with water before bed make wonders. You felt like a baby in the morning. It also works for me in many other ways and makes my life a quality one.


Alexander Z.


Not enough iodine in foods nowadays, I’m a vegetarian and looking for foods that offer the same benefits that fish offers. I’ve bought Bladderwrack Bio Jelly and now I feel hormonally better. Hair is better. Mucus levels are better and generally more energy.


Isobell G.


I’m a great believer in Fucus and Iodine. I’m elderly and the reason for purchase was to give myself a boost. I do believe, and think this is a great product, much preferable to tablet form.


Margaret D.


Maybe its me or the medicine, but not has sinusitis since taking Fucus Jelly. I took it for Iodine boost as I’m vegetarian. My skin and hair are better. Would be better if you didn’t have to take so much ie a teaspoon but still want the quality. My Asthma, I had inhalers but don’t like their side effects. I’m not good with mainstream medicine. Not needed since using this in past 3 weeks.


Jamesina A.


The reason why I’ve bought Fucus Jelly is that I was looking to boost immune system (because of colds), thyroid problems and looking for active Iodine.


Anna W.


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